About Me

I’ve always loved art and painted for most of my life. As most artists know that doesn’t necessarily pay the bills. Thus, I became a lawyer and spent 27 years practicing law in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Upon retirement I was able to pursue my passion again. I spend my winters in Florida and there I find I’m influenced by the ocean, the beach and the native sea life which abounds both above and below the water. In the summer, while in the beautiful Okanagan Valley, I love to paint the scenery, the lake and the native flora and fauna. The results are what you see on these pages. I predominantly paint in water colour and alcohol ink, however, I have done a few pieces in oil and acrylic. You can find me at the Kelowna Farmers and Crafters Market in Kelowna, British Columbia most Saturdays. Most pieces are available to be sublimated onto various substrates like chrome panels, cell phone cases or coasters.